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Washington Association for American and Chinese Education (WAACE) is a student-run, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating awareness and generating interest in the Chinese language and culture, as well as connecting Chinese learning with other subject areas in the US education system.

Our goal is to give US students the competitive edge and global perspective needed to succeed in the modern-day economy, and to increase Chinese language learning capacity in Washington.


Her Majesty acts on the advice of her Minister, and I am, therefore, forwarding your wish to invite British students to learn Chinese to the Right Honorable Philip Hammond, MP, the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.”


Miss Jennie Vine

Deputy Correspondence Coordinator 

Buckingham Palace

March 2016

WAACE members Sweep the 2016 WA Chinese Competition

Read supporting letters for WAACE and our initiative from:

GovernorJay Inslee | Washington State

15th Lt. Governor Brad Owen

Washington State SenBob Hasegawa

Mayor of Sammamish Don Gerend

20 March 2016

WAACE booth @ 2016 WA Chinese competition

We are very proud to hold many events each year that allow American students to immerse themselves in Chinese culture, collaborate with their peers, and show the community their passion for the Chinese language. Our ongoing yearly events include:


June 2016

Issaquah High to launch Chinese language program next year. Check out the letter from IHS princiapl!

October 2016

Why Learn Chinese Competition Award Ceremony

  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Competitive Events
  • Free Educational Information
  • Free Chinese Learning Resources
  • Make New Friends


"China's president Xi Jinping and the first lady Professor Peng Liyuan encouraged you to "put more enthusiasm in learning of Chinese language and culture, to participate actively in the friendly exchanges between China and the United States and to be envoys to further enhance the friendship between our two countries.”


Mr. Luo, Linquan

Consul General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco USA 


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We welcome new members who share our enthusiasm for promoting Chinese language and culture across Washington. WAACE members enjoy the following benefits:

Decmeber 2015

Board member Kimberly Gets Surprise Holiday Wishes from Chinese Consul General