Washington Association for American and Chinese Education


Jasmine is currently 14 years old and attending Issaquah High School. She is an active member of National Junior Honor Society at school, participates in the annual event STP (cycling from Seattle to Portland), and is working on her Silver Award in Girl Scouts, in which teaches the community to effectively recycle. In addition, she is passionate about the piano, art, and Chinese culture. She is fluent in Chinese, received two CTEF awards in art, and earned superior ratings in piano during a recent festival. Family and friends are important to her, and she thrives to be the best she can be. 

Kimberly is a junior at Skyline High School. She is a part of the school FLCC Club and participates in local musicals. In addition to singing, Kimberly is currently composing a piece for Skyline High School's Orchestra. Kimberly also enjoys drawing, while also studying German and Chinese.

Dana McCaw-Vice President

Victoria Pao is a senior IB diploma candidate at Skyline High School. She stayed in Beijing for one year and experienced the different cultures and beauties of the capital. She has been learning Chinese at the Southwest Chinese School for nine years now. She has volunteered at different organizations which promote both Chinese as well as Taiwanese culture. 

Victoria has also been promoting Chinese and Taiwanese culture through many leadership roles. Some include participating in FASCA, a Taiwanese organization aiding Taiwanese American students to better understand their Taiwanese roots as well as to help others acknowledge  the beauty and importance of Taiwanese culture and history. She is also Co-President of Chinese Club. When I am not  well as to help others acknowledge  the beauty and importance of Taiwanese culture and history. I am also the Secretary for Chinese Club. When I am not in school, I give back to the community by mentoring kids at my local elementary school as well as teach students piano at my piano school. I am also on the Skyline Swim Team. During her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, reading, eating, and watching Criminal Minds.

Kimberly Heitkamp-Head of Art Design 

Jasimine Nie-Member at Large

Anish is an active member in Chinese class at Skyline High School, He actively volunteers with organizations in Washington State. With his love of volunteering, Anish manages volunteers that help WAACE achieve their goals.

Victoria Pao-Chief Financial Officer

Cindy Cao is 15 years old and goes to Inglewood Middle School. She is in the eighth grade. With strong passion to drawing and arts, she spent much time on arts and won many awards state and nationwide. She also plays several instruments including flute, piano, and guitar in school band as well as at spare time. Cindy had completed many hours of community service in many places, such as schools, Girl Scout (earned her bronze award) and some non-profit organizations. One of the proudest thing she did was co-organizing the annual CTEF card Competition. With her love of public speaking, she was the MC in a lot of events. Cindy is a really optimistic person who loves to meet new people and make others happy.

Cindy Kohlleppel-President

Cindy Kohlleppel is a senior and full IB Diploma Candidate at Skyline High School. She is extremely passionate in Chinese and has been learning and perfecting her skills for many years. In her free time, Cindy gets involved with all things related to China, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, volunteering in her community, coding, assuming leadership roles such as the President/Founder of Chinese Language and Culture Club (2015-2016), President of Spanish Club (2016-2017), and Director of Board/Treasurer of Chinese Language and Culture Club (2016-2017), and much more. 

Cindy is a programmer and is actively engaged in Microsoft’s YouthSpark program as well as the University of Washington Youth Coding Camps to encourage more girls to get involved in computing. In the summer of 2015, her speech titled “Proud to Be a Nerd” won her spokesmodel 2nd runner up at the National American Miss Pageant competition. Recently, she was also honored to be part of Microsoft's HoloLens promotion video, and was featured to promote Microsoft’s YouthSpark program, including DigiGirlz, on Seattle Komo4 Radio and Seattle Komo4 TV. Cindy also won first place in the Class A Public Speaking and emceed for the Award Ceremony at the 2016 Washington State Chinese Language and Talent Competition.

Anish Rao-Head of Volunteering

Dana McCaw is a senior IB Diploma Candidate at Skyline High School. She has been learning Chinese for three years, and Chinese is her favorite class. She has volunteered at and participated in multiple Chinese festivals and activities, as well as having performed the traditional Chinese bamboo dance at a school assembly. This year, she participated in the Washington Language and Talent Competition and won second place in Public Speaking Class B, and last year she won first place in Public Speaking Class C category, as well as a group competition. 

Dana is also engaged in multiple leadership positions, as she participates in multiple clubs at school and is on the executive boards of some of them, including being Co-President of Japanese Club and Co-President of Chinese Club. She enjoys sports such as skiing, gymnastics, and running, and she has experience teaching skiing and gymnastics to children. Currently, she is involved in teaching Japanese and English and participating on Skyline's Varsity Gymnastics team. In her free time, she enjoys playing piano and violin and running races. 

Cindy Cao-Member at Large