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In America, we have a dream that people should all have the same opportunities to reach their full potential through hard work and determination. I believe that the United States has done its best to achieve this goal…The Chinese Dream is very similar to the American Dream. The Chinese Dream is to work hard to contribute to the revitalization of the nation, and hence better the living conditions for future generations.

Both the American and Chinese dreams are about bettering the lives of the people in their nation and both are saying how it takes perseverance in order to do so. While America is more focused on encouraging the individual to improve their own life, and China is directing people to share the wealth among the population, both intend to increase the overall status of the country. The American and the Chinese dreams are positive ideas and can simultaneously be achieved.

                                                                                                                                  Grand Prize Winner- Kevin Zhu


America today is one of the super powers of the world. We have one of the biggest militaries, earn a whole bunch of cash (even though we might be in debt), and are always considered to be very powerful overall. Now think about what country is another superpower. A few come to mind but the one that stands out is China. They have the largest population, longest history, and are (I believe) growing the fastest economically. Not to mention their fast developing military that has 2,285,000 active members in total. Now if they sounded impressive before they also have a government system that has viewed as evil in the eyes of most Americans during the Cold War, and that is communism. Yet they still seem to be thriving. How is that? Americans seem to think that any other way but their own is not the right way. Now while I might agree with Americans on some things, but there is not arguing that China is doing really good for itself at the moment. Now I could’ve taken Spanish or French but would I be learning a part of a world superpower like China? More importantly would I be helping build a bridge between our two countries, two massive superpowers that if worked together could change the world forever, and get rid of any hate between us and ultimately make the world a better place to live for everyone? Nope I guess I wouldn’t. That’s why I learn Chinese.

                                                                                                                                    1st Place Winner- Noah Shauf


Nowadays, International relations are key to making sure our global community can prosper. And it's up to the young people like myself to keep these relations healthy especially between two leading countries like the US and China, three things need to be done to keep good relations. 1. Remove stereotypes from both ends, even though some may view them as jokes, they can be incredibly offensive to the other side and can lead to tension between the populations. Not only that, but when something like that is imbedded in your brain, there might be discourse in business because a belief that “Americans are Greedy” or “The Chinese can be exploited in business” this definitely can lead to troubling tension between the two parties. 2. Make a plan to eliminate the debt that the United States holds to China, the US owes China 1.27 trillion dollars in debt. Due to this China may be hesitant to do business to the US Government or do business with American corporations using the government to assume. 3. Learning Chinese and Chinese culture to further extend our knowledge and understanding of the Chinese culture. As long as our people are determined to create and maintain foreign relations, the US-China should continue to prosper.

                                                                                                                2nd Place Winner- Khaim Vassar-Fonteot


Both dreams are related in that they want each person to care. Whether it’s about family or themselves, caring is the most important thing. When people care, there is less negativity and more positivity in the world. People will become closer-knit and will be able to collaborate on different things. If no one cares, nothing will get done and nothing will progress. Because people cared, we are what we are today. What the younger generation can do in order to create a more constructive, positive, and healthy relationship between China and the U.S. is that they can combine the dreams of both countries and with that in mind, work to create the better relationship. There are a lot of problems and issues that our generation will need to address in the coming years. From environmental issues to violent issues, we both need to care enough to make an impact. In order to make a good relationship with China, the younger generation should learn the Chinese language. It is one of the most spoken languages in the world and one of the most important ones. Communication is vital to working towards a better relationship, not just between countries, but between everyone. This next generation is the only hope towards getting both countries to achieve their “dreams”.

                                                                                                                                  3rd Place Winner- Rumi Conley

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