Washington Association for American and Chinese Education


Enya Song is a junior at Skyline High School in IB Chinese. She has spent many summers of her childhood in Taiwan and enjoys learning more about Chinese culture and language at school. She spends her free time playing basketball, watching movies and hanging out with friends. She is also apart of Skyline’s film club and green team.

Noah Shauf - Skyline Liason

Viv is a hard worker and loves to stay involved. She's been taking Mandarin at Skyline for 4 years now and loves it. Mandarin has allowed her to grow and be a part of a family at Skyline.

Ashley Lin - Secretary

Helen Yin is a senior IB Diploma Candidate attending Skyline High School. She spent a year in China with her grandparents as a child and that experience has shaped her ever since. Helen is very passionate in learning Chinese, both the language and culture, and has participated in multiple Chinese activities and festivals. She enjoys spending her free time hanging out with friends, volunteering around the community, engaging in various school clubs, playing tennis, and participating in leadership within her school, as she has been the secretary for her class council for two years.

Helen is very active in public speaking and debating, being a part of her school's DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) club as well as JSA, (Junior State of America)  where she recently earned a Best Speaker Gavel for her debate on school zones. She wishes to use her experience and expertise in pubic speaking and leadership to benefit WAACE.

Helen Yin - President

Noah is a senior IB Diploma Candidate at Skyline High School. He has been studying Chinese for 3 years now and thoroughly enjoys learning about the language and culture in China. In fact, during his sophomore year he won 1st place in the high school division for the WAACE’s “Why Learn Chinese” Competition. In addition to his studies of China’s rich culture and language, Noah also participates in Skyline DECA as current co-president and is captain of the Skyline Boy’s Swim Team. In his free time, he enjoys spending time reading and hanging out friends.

Brandon Khoo - Skyline Liason

Rena Wang is a 7th grader at Pine Lake Middle School, where she was student of the year in the 2017-18 school year. She is very passionate in learning about Chinese culture. Much of her weekend time is spent participating, volunteering, and/or performing in Chinese festivals and competitions around Seattle. In addition, Rena has won 1st in language arts in the statewide Chinese cultural exploration competition.

Outside of school, Rena is very passionate about ballet, putting in more than 11 hours each week and, for the past 5 years, participated in Pacific Northwest Ballet’s annual production of the Nutcracker. Besides ballet class, she is the co-captain of a Chinese folk dance team, performing and competing in numerous cultural events. Her goals are to do more for the Chinese community and better promote Chinese culture.

Ashley Lin is a senior at Skyline High School. She is of Taiwanese descent who is exposed to both Taiwanese and Chinese cultures. Ashley loves sports. She participated in Varsity Basketball and Track and Field at Skyline. She works part time as a hostess and server at Thai Ginger restaurant in Sammamish. She is known as an effective communicator and leader who works well with others to always strive for excellence. Ashley wants to bring her skills, abilities, and diverse backgrounds to serve as “cultural ambassador” to build a community of people and enrich lives through learning about Chinese culture.

My name is Brandon Khoo and I am a proud Chinese American. I have been taking Chinese classes since I was young, and I am currently in my fourth year of high school Chinese. I believe learning Chinese is a valuable skill because it connect me to my family in China. Even though I live in America, whenever I see my Chinese relatives I instantly feel connected with them when we speak Chinese. Chinese is more than a language, it’s a tool to connect generations.

Rena Wang - Member at Large

Viveka Jasti - Skyline Liason

Enya Song - Treasurer