Washington Association for American and Chinese Education


Forrest Williams - Vice President

Forrest Williams is the Co-president of Why Learn Chinese this year! He has always been passionate bout Chinese and he is very excited to be furthering Chinese education in Washington.

Rena Wang - Member at Large​

Rena Wang is a 8th grader at Pine Lake Middle School, where she was student of the year in the 2019-20 school year. She is very passionate in learning about Chinese culture. Much of her weekend time is spent participating, volunteering, and/or performing in Chinese festivals and competitions around Seattle. In addition, Rena has won 1st in language arts in the statewide Chinese cultural exploration competition.

Outside of school, Rena is very passionate about ballet, putting in more than 11 hours each week and, for the past 5 years, participated in Pacific Northwest Ballet’s annual production of the Nutcracker. Besides ballet class, she is the co-captain of a Chinese folk dance team, performing and competing in numerous cultural events. Her goals are to do more for the Chinese community and better promote Chinese culture.

David Song- Secretary

David is a junior at Skyline High School in IB Chinese. He has spent many summers of his childhood in China and enjoys learning more about Chinese culture and language at school. He spends his free time swimming, watching movies and hanging out with friends. He is also apart of Skyline’s DECA and is treasurer of Chinese Club

Evan Zhu - Treasurer

Evan is a current junior at Skyline High School. He has a passion for Chinese because of his own cultural background, and seeks to better connect with his parents through his learning with his parents through his learning of Chinese. He is incredibly excited to contribute to this cause.

Liz Huang - President

Liz is very excited to work towards creating a more impactful experience for everyone involved in the WAACE. As a junior and an IB Diploma candidate, she is currently in IB Chinese and is honored to be part of the bridge that connects her community to her culture. In her free time, Liz spends her time reading and making art. She is also on the school dance team and the president of the club WISE.