Washington Association for American and Chinese Education



First Place

"Jasmine Flower" by Zoe Carter-Schwendler, Madeleine Dudley,
Astrid Fiverson, Sophia Hoag, Brendan Jackson, Ava Weiland, and
Luc Hagopian (Seattle Waldorf High School)
Second Place

"I Hope" by The Overlake School Chinese Class

"盗將行" by Isa Lee (Inglemoor High School)

"Say Something in Chinese" by Garnet Jones (Glacier Peak High School)

Third Place

"买东西" by Keaton Kowal, Katrina Kuntz, and Myna Lim (Sammamish High School)

"无与伦比" by Angelique Wu (Odle Middle School)

"历史课喊麦" by Kerui Lu (Lewis and Clark High School)

"中文歌串烧" by Aaron Anthony Khouvong (Edmonds Woodway High School)

"不老梦" by QingHui Xie (Tesla STEM High School)

2019 Why Learn Chinese Competition

Honorable Mentions

Outstanding Contributor Award

 Ms. Yea-jae Wang – Chief Sealth High School

Thank you for participating in the 2019 “Why Learn Chinese” Competition! Our panel of judges had a difficult time picking the best entries out the 346 pieces submitted, and after multiple rounds of judging, they selected first, second, and third-place winners, as well as honorable mentions. 


First Place

Alec Parriott (Eastside Catholic High School)

Second Place

Aria Tang (Interlake High School)

Eason Tang (Beaver Lake Middle School)

Mayme Krueger (Seattle Prep)

Third Place

Bella Ramsell (Chief Sealth International School)

Erik Manke (Naselle-Grays River Valley School)

Jack Haines (Skyine High School)

Grace Matsuoka (Olympia Chinese School)

Liz Song (Lakeside School)

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R.A. Long High School
William Beasley

Lewis and Clark High School
Olivia McCollum

Northwest Chinese School
Maggie Yan​

Chief Sealth International High School
Aaron Burnham
Aidan Montejano
Alisa Chin
Andrew Lightbody
Bindi Nguyen
Elijah Allen-White
Leslie Rivas
Lily Pettit
McKayla Faust
Quoc Ly

Henry M. Jackson High Schools
Sol Lee

Olympia Chinese School
Audrey Shen

Glacier Peak High School
Allison Evans
Cameron Keel
Tony McDaniel

Washington Middle School
Zhongyuan Mou

Beaver Lake Middle School
Dora Wang

Eastside Catholic High School
Isaac Choy


Edmonds Woodway High School
Grey Evan

Glacier Peak High School
Brayden Quantrille
Andre Segulja Lau
Brigitte Agnes Yapjoco
Suna Oh

Issaquah Middle School
Nicole Liu

Northshore Middle School
Elizabeth Ibin Wang

Olde Midde School
Chloe Ling

Oympia Chinese School
Annette Lu (Olympia High School)
 Audrey Shen (Washington Middle School)
 Garal Wang-Panoke (Washington Middle School)
 Grace Matsuoka  (Jefferson Middle School)
 Izayah Qiu (Washington Middle School)
 Jack Mou (Washington Middle School)
 Joy Matsuoka (Olympia High School)
 Michael Zhao (Olympia High School)
 Yufan Mou (Olympia High School)
 Victoria Liu (Jefferson Middle School)​

Sammamish High School
Leo Ohata, Moneeb Zuberi, Tuan Nguyen, and Natasha Trikur​

Skyline High School
Noah Benitez

Tillicum Middle School
Jalen Locke

The Overlake School
Sammy Yang