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Honorable Mentions

Thank you for participating in the 2020 “Why Learn Chinese” Competition! Our panel of judges had a difficult time picking the best entries out the 352 pieces submitted, and after multiple rounds of judging, they selected first, second, and third-place winners, as well as honorable mentions. 



Chief Sealth International High School
 Thurston  James Stone
JIng Gardner  
Leon Thai
An Nguyen  
Quoc​ Du Ly 

Glacier Peak High School
  Maggie Katherine Borland
 Jadyn Lynne Barrett 

Kaylie Alvarez​

Beaver Lake Middle School
Jinyi Tang

Eastside Catholic High School
Brooke Elizabeth Caragher

Josephine My Lai 

Asa Mercer International Middle School
Kevin Chen 

Environmental and Adventure School

Serena Gao

Hamilton International Middle School 

Chloe Sow

Mercer Middle School

Evarista Ling Tanalepy

Monticello Middle School

​Rhianna Gonzales

Naselle-Grays River Valley Schools

Helvey Gail Mallory 
Muessig Ann Audrina 

Odle Middle School

​Maya  Shrinivas
Rittik  Bhattacharya
Sydney  Tam
Aidan Jiang
Corlie Zhuang

Pine Lake Middle School

Cecilia Wang
Brett Wang

Seattle Country Day School

Brady Miailovich
Tyler Baerwaldt

Tesla STEM High School

QingHui Xie

The Bush School

Clare Kanazawa
Troy Chabot

Tillicum Middle School

Mingni Fu


Eastside Catholic High School
Jordan Shaw​

Naselle-Grays River Valley Schools
Anderson Warren William 

Seattle Waldorf High School 
Natalie Huan Collier
Ethan Morill​

 Noah Henry Linton

The Bush School​
Amelia Villott​

Sammamish High School
Liliana Sophia Ponder
Yingqi Chen
Sarah Grace Chianglin
Dylan James Chambers
Adrew Tsui​

Skyline High School
Panav Kotha
Farhan  Khan 
Griffin  Yocum
Veronique Gunawan​

Outstanding Contributor Award

 Ms. Tracy Ge (Sammamish High School)

2020 Why Learn Chinese Competition


First Place

Manyan Vincy Chen (ASA Mercer Middle Schools)

Second Place

Popking Hannelie (Naselle-Grays River Valley School)

Jaylene L Fuchs-Dickerson (R. A. Long High School) 

Cenling Sophie Lu (Interlake High School)

Third Place

Namah Daga (Tillicum Middle School)

Jennifer Tran (Franklin High School) 

Owen Peter Murray (Chief Sealth Int. High School)

Katiya Aletha Stewart (Seattle Country Day School)

Samantha Marie Kobal (Inglemoor High School)


First Place

                       Hugo Duncan ​MacRae (Skyline High School) 
"Chinese Tea Ceremony"
Second Place

Josh Chou (Sammamish High School) 

"Bridging the Gap"

         Thor Mullen Umlauf  (Seattle Waldorf High School)

"Exploring Chinese Calligraphy"

Elizabeth Grace Keegan (Eastside Catholic High School)

"History of Hope"

Third Place

         Vikram  Aditya ​Khandelwal (Interlake High School)

    "Bonding and Understanding"

        Colin Kouichi Hu Wo Yee (Cascade High School)

"See Dai Doo Fu Dog"

                Alyssa Burch (Monticello Middle School)


Weiland Piper (Seattle Waldorf High School)


       Laura Xiwen Ittner (Sammamish High School)

"Singapore's Chinatown Lights"