Washington Association for American and Chinese Education


WAACE shares resourceful educational information with our members, including but not limited to the following:

  • Free Chinese learning resources
  • A better understanding of the American education system
  • Chinese Summer Camps
  • AND many more!

Confucius Institute of the State of Washington (CIWA) 华盛顿州孔子学院

Chinese Language Teachers Association-Washington (CLTA-WA) 华州中文教师学会

​Chinese Radio Seattle 西雅图中文电台

J & J Chinese Restaurant 百味轩餐馆

WaHaha Youth Club哇哈哈青少年俱乐部

China Tomorrow Education Foundation(CTEF) 明日中华教育基金会

​Skyline High School Chinese Language and Culture Club 天际高中中文社团

Washington Association for Language Teaching(WAFLT) 华州外语教学协会 

Who are We and What Are We Doing?

Washington Association for American and Chinese Education (WAACE) is a student-run nonprofit organization dedicated to creating awareness and generating interest in the Chinese language and culture, as well as connecting Chinese learning with other subject areas in the US education system.

Our goal is to give US students the competitive edge and global perspective needed to succeed in the modern-day economy, and to increase Chinese language learning capacity in Washington.


We'd like to thank the following for their continuous support!

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Educational Information