Washington Association for American and Chinese Education


You will still have two more weeks until April 21st, 2017 to submit your video. Upon completing the application, you will receive a confirmation email indicating incomplete status. Please reply to that email with your video link once you are done with your video.​


1. Read and agree to all contest rules in the announcement and on the competition webpage.

    Guides (Chinese)    Guides (English)      Rules (Chinese)     Rules (English)


2. Upload video entry/entries to YouTube. If you want to make it private so that only the competition judges can see it, follow the instructions below. Note: If your video is private, no one will be able to search your video besides the person who you shared it with.

Instructions to make video private and share with WAACE:

  1. Go to your Video Manager.
  2. Find the video you want to share, then click Edit.
  3. Under the "Privacy Settings" drop-down menu, choose private and then click share.
  4. Add president@waace.org as the email you’d like to share your video to.
  5. Click Save changes. WAACE will get an email with a link to the video (your entry).

3.Parents or guardians need to sign the release and waiver form and email it to president@waace.org ***Please note every contestant in a group needs a release and waiver form. * The file should be saved in the format; "Contestant First Name Last Name". 

    Release and Waiver Form

4. Fill out the entry application form and paste the shared link of your uploaded video to YouTube. Your shared link should NOT ask for a login. Every contestant in a group needs to fill out a GROUP application form.

5. The registration fee must be paid on-line by using PayPal. 

Participants will receive a confirmation by email upon completing the registration and submission process.

*You may also mail your filled out release and waiver form to 

Chinese Language and Talent Competition c/o Ms. Jiang 1122 228th Ave SE, Sammamish, WA 98075. 

(Post marked by April 21st, 2017!)