Washington Association for American and Chinese Education


Sicheng (Jeffrey) Wang - Vice President

Sicheng Wang is a senior IB Diploma Candidate currently attending Skyline High School. As an immigrant, Sicheng moved to the US when he was in elementary school. This mix of cultures allowed him to develop his perspective on our society at a young age. Throughout high school, Sicheng has volunteered around the community, translating for others who recently immigrated to the US. This year, Sicheng is serving as the president of Skyline Chinese Language and Culture club. With this club, he is able to build connections with others who are also passionate about the language and culture of China. During his free time, Sicheng enjoys keeping fish and educating others about his exotic pets and plans to major in fishery sciences in college.

Helen Yin is currently a junior IB Diploma Candidate attending Skyline High School. She spent a year in China with her grandparents as a child and that experience has shaped her ever since. Helen is very passionate in learning Chinese, both the language and culture, and has participated in multiple Chinese activities and festivals. She enjoys spending her free time hanging out with friends, volunteering around the community, engaging in various school clubs, playing tennis, and participating in leadership within her school, as she has been the secretary for her class council for two years.

Helen is very active in public speaking and debating, being a part of her school's DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) club as well as JSA, (Junior State of America)  where she recently earned a Best Speaker Gavel for her debate on school zones. She wishes to use her experience and expertise in pubic speaking and leadership to benefit WAACE.

Helen Yin - President