Washington Association for American and Chinese Education


Washington State Chinese Language Competition is the largest and most renowned Chinese language competition in the state. It was founded and operated by the Cultural Exploration of Greater China Foundation (CE) for 7 years. Now it is in the 8th year, With CE's permission and support, we are excited to add the Washington State Chinese Language and Talent Competition to our events this year. The competition regularly draws over 500 participants from around Washington State.  Its purposes are as follows:

  • To inspire instructors and students to further interest in the teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture
  • To acknowledge and reward achievements of the students and teachers
  • To provide a positive venue for students with diverse backgrounds to come together to share knowledge and learning experience

​Washington State Chinese Competition

Why Learn Chinese Competition is one of our major events. Through this grassroots initiative, we wish to engage and prepare students to enter the dynamic global environment of the 21st century, where we—the younger generation—will be responsible for maintaining the growing economic, political, and cultural ties between the US and China. Ultimately, we hope to spread awareness about the growing importance of learning Chinese, and provide a platform of expression for the reserve of community support for bringing Chinese into more schools.

Chinese Expo

Why Learn Chinese Competition

In taking action to spread Chinese language and culture to the community, WAACE has organized and participated in a multitude of events. One staple event that WAACE has organized is the Chinese Expo. WAACE unites student volunteers and brings together the community by experiencing the amazing Chinese culture. For the reasons above, Chinese Expo sets an exemplary standard for WAACE’s mission.

We are very proud to hold many events each year that allow American students to immerse themselves in Chinese culture, collaborate with their peers, and show the community their passion for the Chinese language. Our ongoing yearly events include: